Project Description

This simple inventory management system was designed by trainees at Sinuvera Technologies in order to get hands-on training over .NET Technologies.

The inventory management system has been designed to include several industry requested features and is continuously updated based on new requirements.
You can visit our “Request a feature” section to place one. Also, to keep this bug-free and meet industry standards, suggestions regarding code changes, bugs and discussions are most welcome in the Discussions tab for this project.

While we have tried to keep the code, to the best and bug-free, however it is provided on an as-is basis and doesn’t guarantee to be complete and safe. You are free to try, modify it at your own risk. Sinuvera Technologies shall not be responsible for any data-loss or damage occurring due to the use of this software. You are free to use this code, modify, re-package in the way you want for personal or commercial use. There is no need for a link-back, however doing so would be appreciated.


  • Multiple Warehouse integration
  • Allows inter-warehouse Transfers
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Multiple Transaction type support
  • Generate reports by Transaction type
  • Export reports to excel
  • On-Hand Inventory Report
  • Client Summary Report
  • Transaction Details Report
  • Financial In-Out Statistics Report
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Profit over Sales Report

Upcoming Features(Work In Progress)

  • Switch to Entity Framework for data-access.
  • Support for multiple users with access control.
  • Support for editing/deleting transactions
  • Low Stock Alerts and Alert Level configurations
  • Creating a web-interface linked with the software.

While we are working on the our upcoming features to create the first release as soon as possible, the "eager learner" can still download the source code to have a glimpse.
Expected Release Date: <<To Be Announced>>

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